1. Autism

Autism is so prevalent in the world today.  Currently 1 in 68 children are affected.  There is no definitive  explanation for the increase in the rates of diagnosis.  It is important to raise awareness and to find a cure.

2. Veterans

Currently TWENTY TWO veterans every day kill themselves. Often Veterans remain undiagnosed with PTSD after returning from active duty. We need to bring not only more awareness to this cause, but also find more ways to help them. Veterans lay their lives on the line for our freedom and we need to do all that we can to honor them.

3. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide and the second-most common cancer overall. In 2015, an estimated 231,840 cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S. alone. So no matter who you are or where you live, understanding breast cancer is important. But the most important thing to know is this: a diagnosis is not a death sentence. Breast cancer can be treated and we can all work together to create awareness for this very important cause.

4. Ocean Conservation

Sami also had a love for the ocean. Sadly, our oceans are in trouble. Scientists predict that in only 36 years the oceans may collapse and all that will be left will be jellyfish. Not only does Love Sami Organization take suicide survivors and veterans to have therapeutic healing experiences in the ocean, but we strive to work at making the ocean a better place. Organizing beach clean ups, spreading awareness and so much more.

5. Special Needs

Sami had a soft spot for individuals with special needs. Sadly, bullying is all too common place with special needs children in schools. This is so hurtful and needs to be stopped. Love Sami Organization will fight to help bring not only awareness to this cause but also put an end to any bullying associated with it.

6. Transplant

At the core of Love Sami Organization, we believe in healing and helping. Sami Shea Coburn, whose memory Love Sami Organization was created for, was able to help other lives by selflessly giving her organs. She will live on in the love of those she saved. We feel this is a very important issue and we actively strive to bring it to everyone’s attention.